Tuxedo jumpsuit


To many stylists our jumpsuits are the definition of Thi Thao Copenhagen. They balance the masculine and the feminine. They show power and elegance, simplicity and detail.

Our jumpsuits are made to give you a beautiful silouette. We have spent many hours perfecting the fit, but still – every woman is different, and we are happy to make your jumpsuit to perfectly fit your particular body. Individual fit costs an additional fee for pattern change and individualized production.

We have made it in 100% wool, which is one of our favourite materials. When we use natural materials such as wool, we avoid a number of potentially harmful chemicals that we do not want you to put against your skin.

The nature of the wool helps to stabilize your body temperature and it ensures that your skin can breathe.


The Tuxedo jumpsuit is made to give you that action-hero, bond-babe powerlook. In the tuxedo jumpsuit, we have used extremely masculine elements from the tuxedo’s to create the most powerful woman’s jumpsuit we could think of.

The male and female elements fused into the Tuxedo jumpsuit create a real power-woman outfit. Mix it with your favourite shirt and tone it up or down with jackets and accessories.

The jumpsuit closes with easy push buttons in front side and a hidden zipper at the crotch. It includes a removable belt that you can use to underline your waistline.

With this jumpsuit, we wish to give you an easy alternative to a traditional man’s suit – a more feminine choice that still provides the authority of a tuxedo.

The version in the picture is in a black wool cashmere fabric, but basically, we could make this jumpsuit for you in any color.

We embrace women’s differences. The model in the picture is about 180 cm tall and a size 34, but since we are all different, a key element i Thi Thao’s concept is that we can make our clothes to fit the individual customer.

The jumpsuit is a sustainable choice because it is made from 100% wool, which is a natural fabric with the ability to stabilize your temperature by retaining your body heat against outside colder temperatures and allowing your body to breathe when you are in warmer surroundings.

Material: 100% wool

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34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44


Black, Another color

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