Thi Thao Copenhagen news Newsletter Autumn 2023

Newsletter Autumn 2023

We hope you will enjoy our Newsletter Autumn 2023.

Autumn calls for unika jackets

You can find a selection of our unika jackets in our webshop, but how about a Thi Thao jacket that is made personally for you with the design features, you choose and in the fabric of your choice?

There are so many different options, and we love to guide you, so that we can make the perfect jacket for you. You can drop by our flagship store in central Copenhagen, or contact us to book a time dedicated to you. The best option is always, when you have the opportunity, to visit our flagship store in person – get directions.

Thi Thao is a fairy tale

This Thao is the realisation of the dreams of a once orphant Vietnamese girl put on a refugee boat by her mother and sent away at age 4. Her story is an inspiration to other women – a story about how dedication and hard work can help you reach your goals. Scroll to the bottom of the front page of our website to read the fairy tale story.

Gala dresses and party dresses give you a chance to shine and inspire

At Thi Thao Copenhagen we are fortunate to serve a lot of women who inspire others even in their daily life, and it is when you dress up in gala dresses and party dresses for special occasions that you inspire the most.

We custom make gala dresses for the women who choose to grasp the opportunity to dress up to inspire. We adjust the designs and choice of fabrics to match the dreams and budget of each individual customer. You can read here about our dressmaking process.

Meet our designer at Power woman styling events

Our styling events for groups of power women are gaining popularity. We do these events for management groups, network groups, board networks etc.

Thi Thao Copenhagen offers private shopping and styling events

At our styling events you get to meet our designer and hear how she – an orphan refugee – ended up dedicating her life to making clothes for power women. You also get to enjoy delicious foods and drinks, and you have the option to get personal styling input. You can read more about our styling events and private shopping options HERE.

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