Thi Thao as a workplace

At Thi Thao Copenhagen, you will meet a busy and varied workday. We sew many different styles in a wide variation of fabrics. We make our clothes from scratch, and we frequently adjust the fit to each individual customer’s measurements. We therefore sew each garment individually with the specific customer in mind.

We serve many elite customers. They keep returning to us because they are happy with both the clothes we deliver, and our extended service. As an employee of Thi Thao Copenhagen, you are a key part in this deliverance, so we expect you to help us meet our deadlines and to be flexible enough to provide extraordinary customer service.

We can be very busy at times, but we want you to be happy about your work and make an effort to keep up the spirit – and we do not put unreasonable demands on anyone. We even believe your job satisfaction is reflected in your job performance, in our service, and in how our customers experience the clothes they buy from us.

Your work hours, and your work schedule, can be adjusted to fit into your personal life, and it is not a given, that you must have a 37-hour workweek. We respect that people’s life are different, and that your work life must be balanced with your situation.

Expect managers and colleagues to meet you with a smile and know that we expect the same from you – because good spirits make a better day for everyone.

We offer you a lot of flexibility, and in return, we expect you to take responsibility to deliver high-quality products on time.

If this sounds like a place that you could see yourself in, then we would love to hear from you.