Handmade in Denmark

Our clothes are handmade in Denmark because factory work and craftmanship are two different worlds

Most of the Clothes sold by Thi Thao Copenhagen are handmade in Denmark in our sewing facility under our flagship store.

When we opened our flagship store in Copenhagen end of 2016, it also gave us the opportunity to build our own sewing facility. You can watch us at work through our basement windows at Løvstræde 8.

Having our own sewing facility connected to our flagship store has given us tremendous opportunities for serving our customers and ensuring the fit for every single customer. We have 100% control of our production, and we sew every garment individually and with a great attention to the details of every single garment.

Thi Thao Copenhagen's clothes are sewn in our own sewing facility in Denmark.
Thi Thao Copenhagen’s clothes are sewn in our own sewing facility in Denmark.

Unlimited opportunities and expert guidance

Also, there is no need for you to feel limited by the selection in our store or on our webshop. Basically, any style can be made in any color, in any size, and in any fabric with any alterations, you might wish. We will guide you to make sure your selection will fit you, and we will make the perfect clothes for you. In short – tell us what you dream for, and we will be delighted to fulfil your dream.

Visit us to experience unlimited opportunities and expert guidance.