Our story

Our story is a real-life fashion fairytale. It is personalized by our designer, Vi Ramlov Hyttel. You can read more about her here, or watch the fairytale on Youtube:

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Vi Ramlov Hyttel

Head Designer and co-owner of Thi Thao Copenhagen

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“Your clothes are an important part of your first hand impression. Any normal day you meet hundreds of people, but you only have time to interact with a few of them. People will judge you on you appearance, your clothing and the feelings you reflect. I love making beautiful clothes, style our customers and support their confidence – and I know it helps them overcome their everyday problems.

Our story starts with a 4-year-old girl

Our story starts with a 4-year old orphant boat refugee who came to Denmark, grew up with a Danish family, became a designer, started her own family and her own design company…and today she dresses a large number of Danish elite power women.

The girls name was Vi. She dealt with her childhood loneliness by fleeing into a fantasy world of fairy tales and princesses. She studied the royals and she realised that she would find inner peace when she dressed smart. She realised dressing well made it easier to overcome everyday problems. This edged her on to a strong interest for designing clothes. It turned out, that she was very skilled in the field, and at a young age, she was spotted as a design talent.

Vi Ramlov Hyttel photoshoot for profile article in Børsen – the main Danish business Daily. The photo is from April 2022 before renovation and opening of the new larger Thi Thao Copenhagen flagship store in Loevstraede 8 in central Copenhagen.

The lille girl gathered relevant experiences

After having worked for various designers, the young girl decided to follow another career until she was ready to launch her own design company. She climbed the commercial ladder at developed from a telephone sales agent to sales manager at a large Danish company.

In 2014 The Thi Thao brand was launched

At age 33 she married and together the couple decided to pursue their dream to build a fashion company together. The next year Thi Thao was launched at the Copenhagen Fashion Week, and 2 years later end of 2016 we opened our first Thi Thao store and changed our name to Thi Thao Copenhagen.

…and we quickly formed our own identity

As a company we are committed to designing high-end clothing. We strive to make clothes that will outlast fashion changes – clothes that you will care for, keep and enjoy wearing for many years. We pursue uniqueness, elegance and simplicity.

We use high quality fabrics and complex pattern technique because our designs require it. Design is our guide – not production costs.

Today, Thi Thao Copenhagen is a favourite for many power-women

Thi Thao Copenhagen makes clothes for power women who require quality in both design and choice of materials. We we will never compromise our design, our quality nor our production methods.

We invite you to browse our webshops for inspiration, and to get an idea about our style, but to get the full experience, we hope you will also visit our physical flagship store. We constantly develop new designs, and many limited editions. Therefore, you will find many more designs in our physical store than in our webshop.

Regardless if you choose one of our standard items or if we costum-make your outfit for you, we always deliver quality craftsmanship and designs that are made to bring out your best features.

We can help you create a powerful and feminine look