Thi Thao Copenhagen news Newsletter Spring 2023

Newsletter Spring 2023

We hope you will enjoy our Newsletter Spring 2023.

Lots of new designs

Did you visit us yet to see our many new designs? Since we moved to our new and larger flagship store we can now offer you an even more better shopping experience. But just as important is that we have been able both to increase our production capacity and to increase the number of new designs.

If you visit our webshop, you will see lots of new designs – and that is just a fraction of our new designs. The best option is always, when you have the opportunity, to visit our flagship store in person – get directions.

Do you know a Thi Thao style, when you see it?

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us – and always has been. We always do our best to give you an experience that makes you want to come back. Thank you to all of you who actually do come back, and because so many of you are kind to recommend us to your network. It is because of you that we have been able to grow every year – THANK YOU.

We follow a sustainable business model that you can read more about HERE. And because our business model also gives our customers the advantage of perfectly fitted clothes we see an increased interest in our clothes from a large number of power women.

Our clothes have been on TV since the day we launched the Thi Thao brand, but now we see our clothes on TV on a daily basis. TV- and movie stylists use us when they want to show power woman characters. Top business leaders use us because we match our clothes to their positions, and influential politicians use us when they appear on TV or meet with other world leaders. It makes us proud, and it makes us want to keep improving our designs to live up to the trust you put in us – follow our Instagram to recognize a Thi Thao style when you see it.

Meet our designer at Power woman styling events

Our styling events for groups of power women are gaining popularity. We do these events for management groups, network groups, board networks etc.

At our styling events you get to meet our designer and hear how she – an orphan refugee – ended up dedicating her life to making clothes for power women. You also get to enjoy delicious foods and drinks, and you have the option to get personal styling input. You can read more about our styling events and private shopping options HERE.

How it works when you order a gala dress from us

Most of our gala dresses are sewn to order. We make a lot of gala dresses from high-profile events. You are likely to see some of our gala dresses on TV or meet them if you attend royal parties.

For our gala dresses we work with fabrics from world leading luxury fabric suppliers to make the dress of your dreams. If you think this could be something for you, you can read about our dressmaking process HERE.

Our gala dresses can be made for prices ranging from DKK 10.000 and up. The price depends on the materials chosen and the complexity of the particular dress.


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