Made to fit

Size is just a number – and it is inferior to perfect fit

Our clothes are made to fit.

Our clothes are made to fit

Obtaining a perfect fit has always been one of our strongpoints. Our clothes are made to fit you. We do make clothes that fit most women well, and our customers are generally impressed with the fit they experience with our clothes, but most women are not standard. With us you will not need to settle for a good enough fit. Instead, expect a perfect fit, and we will be happy to deliver just that – regardless if you are a size 32 or 56, and regardless if your body shape is standard or not.

How we secure the fit? We have 2 approaches:

  1. If you approximately fit one of the styles we have available in the store, then we just pin you up and make pattern adjustments according to that. Based on that, we sew your garment. This is a quick and easy solution.
  2. If we cannot find an approximate fit, then we measure your body and grade our patterns to fit your body. In some cases we need to make your garment in a scrap fabric first and then adjust the pattern again. This is the same approach as when we make unique gala dresses and requires you to visit us an extra time to allow us to adjust the fit, before sewing your garment in your chosen fabric.

We store your pattern for your convenience

In cases where we make a pattern especially for you, we store the pattern for 2 years, unless you ask us not to. This makes it possible for you to reorder the same garment in any fabric, you would like – without us having to remake the pattern.