Thi Thao Copenhagen news Newsletter Spring 2024 – Great designer News for Power Women

Newsletter Spring 2024 – Great designer News for Power Women

The calendar says spring, the days are getting longer, and the new season is a great time to review your wardrobe and maybe supplement it with some of our new designs. We hope you will enjoy our Newsletter Spring 2024.

The coats are coming off, and it is time to boost your wardrobe with some new must-haves

You can find a selection of our designs in our webshop, but for the full experience, and to explore all your options, it is a good idea to visit our physical flagship store in Copenhagen.

How about a spring dress that is made personally for you – fitted to your body and with the design features, you choose and in the fabric we choose together?

There are so many different options, and we love to guide you, so that we can make the perfect dress, jacket, jumpsuit, pants or top for you.

You can drop by our flagship store in central Copenhagen, or contact us to book a time dedicated to you. The best option is always, when you have the opportunity, to visit our flagship store in person – get directions.

What kind of dress do you dream about?

Maybe you have dreamt of a dress but never managed to actually find it in your size and fit? We can help those dreams come through – or we can guide you and make a dress that is perfect for the occasion you need it for.

We custom make party dresses and gala dresses for the women who choose to grasp the opportunity to dress up to inspire. We adjust the designs and choice of fabrics to match the dreams and budget of each individual customer. You can read here about our dressmaking process.

The dress in the picture is a silk dress with a gold color lace top. The lace is made using traditional techniques that still result in beautiful high-end lace fabrics.

Get to know our designer

You probably already know that Vi Ramlov Hyttel was an orphant refugee girl – this was in itself a life-altering event, but it did not make her a designer.

Here are a few facts about Vi that will teach you a bit more about her and how she thinks.

3 facts about Vi Ramlov Hyttel:

Fact 1: The defining moment when Vi decided to become a designer was when she was around 6 years old. She tried on a wedding dress, and the feeling it gave her was so strong, that she decided she would dedicate herself to let other women feel that same feeling.

Fact 2: Every time she travels, she always meets with local fabric suppliers to expand her network of high-quality fabric suppliers

Fact 3: For relaxation, she loves to watch a good action movie, but for life inspiration she is more likely to watch a Youtube video about how simple people manage to arrange their lives to overcome their hardship. It reminds her, that the day-to-day problems we encounter in our Danish urban life are really minor compared to the challenges met by millions of other women in the world.


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