About us

Here you can read a bit about us and get some background info on Thi Thao Copenhagen.

About us – The Company

Thi Thao Copenhagen is a Danish fashion company created end of 2012 by Kasper Hyttel og Vi Hyttel. The company name is inspired by Vi’s Asian birth name. The backgrund was a mutual passion for creating exclusive, feminine clothes, and after 1½ years of preparations, we launched the brand at the Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2014. At the end of 2016, we opened our own store in central Copenhagen, and changed our name to Thi Thao Copenhagen.

The entrance to the Thi Thao Copenhagen store.

About us – Production

We make an effort to use natural materials over chemically manufactured. Moreover most of our clothes is made locally at our own sewing workshop in Denmark, which gives us the flexibility only to produce the clothes we actually sell, and avoid unnecessary cost-adding middle men, long transport times and ensures us a sustainable production with minimal use of chemicals. Clothes production is a global and very poluting industry, but our setup always has and always will ensure minimal environmental impact from Thi Thao Copenhagen’s clothing production…and if you feel our clothes, you will notice that it is not filled with harmful chemicals.

Small productions are produced at our own sewing workshop in Copenhagen, and larger quantities are outsorced to suppliers close by the the raw materials suppliers in order to minimize transport and environmental impact.

About us – Our inspiration

We create new designs every week, and even if you visit us frequently, you will continuously see new designs in the store. The inspiration is often found back in the Coco Chanel times. Thi Thao’s clothes are classic, elegant and resistant to frequent fashion changes. It is important to us that the clothes we create is also fashionable and smart 5 years later. Another inspiration is in men’s fashion, that we spice up with female shapes to make you a beautiful and feminine power-woman.

Only some of our designs are uploaded to our webshop, so your best option to keep up-to-date with our latest designs is to follow us on Instagram.

About The Thi Thao woman

The Thi Thao woman is confident and has demands for herself and her clothes. She knows it is important how she looks, and she uses her clothes to underline her own beauty. She reflects quality, simplicity and elegance. She is often busy. She handles family, friends and career – and therefore she needs a wardrope that suits multiple purposes. She wants it all, and she succeeds. She is often busy She knows that it makes a difference what she looks like – and that is why she finds the time to care for her clothes and her looks. When she leaves from home, her whole world is at her feet. She is hot, self confident, and she can handle anything. She turns glaces at on streets and at work – and she loves her Thi Thao Clothes.

Go to the Thi Thao webshop to see a selection of our designs, or follow us on Instagram to see our latest designs.