Thi Thao | Fashion designer

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Thi Thao Copenhagen is a Fashion designer house. We make gala dresses and business wear for women.

We are a slow fashion brand, because we are extremely dedicated to creating unique designs that will outlast fashion changes. Yet we bring you new designs every week in a constant flow of limited editions.

Most of our clothes are handmade in Denmark in our own workshop. You can buy from our standard sizes, or we can make our clothes to fit you.

We serve women who want to dress their absolute best. We use materials of the highest quality and maintain our production inhouse to ensure that our products are made with outstanding workmanship.


One of the great things about outerwear is that you can wear it every day.

We make ours with the intention that it should make you feel special every single day.

Gift ideas

We have carefully selected jewelry partners that offer you the option to choose personal and unique gifts.

We are different – in a good way

At Thi Thao we do many things differently. For a start, you do not have to worry about if you fit our clothes. You will find standard sizes when you visit us, but we also offer you the option to guide you with styling and make the clothes to fit you.

Our concept opens a world of opportunities. It might take take a few minutes to grasp – but it is really easy to get used to.