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Cecilie in Thi Thao in Cannes

Cecilie has gone to Cannes – and some of her Thi Thao clothes sneaked along in her suitcase – feeling right at home. In the picture she is erfaring silk pants and silk wrap shirt from Thi Thao.

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The News is out

The News is out. Cecilie Hother revealed what we have been working on lately. We hope to make a difference! In the picture you can see Cecilie in our Marguerite Lace shirt.  

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Cecilie Hother in Thi Thao silk pants

The incredibly beautiful TV Hostess Cecilie Hother in Thi Thao silk pants. We Think she looks amazing. Thank you for the lovely words! Read more her: http://ceciliehother.dk/2015/10/01/efteraars-outfit/

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