Thi Thao Copenhagen Uncategorised Newsletter Spring 2022 – Rethink Fashion

Newsletter Spring 2022 – Rethink Fashion

We finally seem to be coming out of the Corona crisis – at least here in Denmark, we are now free from Corona restrictions, and it seems we have been fortunate to get through the pandemic. Let’s now rejoice that we are fortunate survivors. Let’s turn up the party, enjoy life to it’s fullest extent…because we have felt the constraints of social restrictions. We know what we missed. Let’s remember to celebrate – let’s dress up in our finest clothes – or even better…let’s buy new clothes, because now we have plenty of good reasons to do so.

…but let’s also learn. Let’s learn that the world is unpredictable, and if you do try to predict it long in advance, you will make mistakes. Let’s learn that is is not possible to fit millions of women into a few standard clothing sizes. Let’s make clothes that fit even if they are not made from stretch fabrics. Let’s make clothes that fit women instead of trying to fit women into the clothes we have made – let’s rethink fashion and come out stronger, more sustainable and more customer focused.

At Thi Thao Copenhagen we have proven that it is possible make clothes for the individual woman – clothes that bring out the best features of each person. We can do that because we have rethought the fashion production cycle.

Maybe the biggest difference is that when you shop in our store, you don’t have to fit into our clothes, because if they don’t fit, we can just call our tailor from our downstairs sewing workshop, and ask the tailor to make the piece specifically for you…and instead of being left to yourself to find and combine the right look, you can enjoy the assistance of our professional inhouse stylist.

The result?…well there is a reason why most of our customers return. We welcome you to a satisfying and sustainable personalized fashion future.

Visit our store

At Thi Thao Copenhagen we make new designs all the time. It would be too time consuming to put all our designs online…so for the full experience, we invite you to visit our physical store.

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