Buksedragt – De Største Øjeblikke



Buksedragt – De Største Øjeblikke.

At Thi Thao Copenhagen we do a lot of custommade outfits. One of them is this assymetrical jumpsuit worn by Cecilie Beck in the 2020 version of the annual end-of-year show on TV2 – De Største Øjeblikke.

We now offer you the opportunity to order a copy made especially for you, according to your meassurements, and in your color of choice.

The process means you have to meet with us 3 times;
1. We take your meassurements and agree on the material and color
2. You will then need to meet with us to try on your jumpsuit in a scrap fabric version so that we can adjust the patterns to ensure perfect fit.
3. You meet with us to pick up your finished jumpsuit.

Material: 60% Wool, 40% silk

Exclusive products

Less than 50 produced of each
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