Black lace blouse



Lace blouse with stripes running from top to bottom.

This lace blouse pulls over your head and closes with 2 small lace covered buttons in the back of the neck.

It has a light stretch effect that ensures both the fit of the lace blouse, limits creases, and makes it ideal if you decide to wear another garment over the lace.

Other customers use this top both as a party top and as a business top under a blazer jacket.


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This black lace blouse is made from lace from one of the worlds oldest and most exclusive lace suppliers. The stripes on the front and back are matched to secure the high-end look.

We love lace! But not any lace.

The lace itself is made using traditional techniques. Each of the laces we use is a piece of art in itself, and the respect for the craftsmanship is carried through in our production of your lace blouse. Each pattern piece is carefully placed on the lace and cut to ensure both a symmetrical look of the lace blouse and to reflect the lace pattern in the best way possible.

A lace item from Thi Thao Copenhagen is carefully crafted to exploit the symmetrics in the lace. Every lace item is cut and sewn individually to ensure a beautiful final garment. When we work with lace, we feel like artists creating small works of art, and we use laces that deserve this kind of attention.

We usually buy lace from the World’s top lace manufacturers – albeit with few exceptions when we find something special elsewhere.

We turn the beautiful laces into luxurious tops, dresses and skirts. Many of our creations are custom made, but a few of them are available in standard sizes from our webshop.

Designed and produced in Denmark.

Material: 100% lace

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