System earrings – Pippa Creole


Earring creole from the Heide Heinzendorff earring system that lets you easily insert and remove drops from your creoles. The system makes it easy to change your earrings to match your outfit of the day.

When the earring is open, it is possible to remove or plug in drops to match your outfit. When you style yourself, you just pick the creole you want to wear and match it with the pendants you want for the day.


System earrings – Pippa Creole from Heide Heinzendorff. 12 x 17 mm. Available in Sterling silver – Rhodium plated silver, Gold plated, and Rose gold plated.

The earring system works so that the creole and the pendants are two separate parts. You can buy the creole and earring pendants separately and easily combine into a very large number of combination options. Thus you can build your combination options over time and collect different pendants and different creoles.

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