Sustainable luxury

Sustainability is about not producing more than you need

We make sustainable luxury clothes. Our workshop is our playground. Every week, we have at least 1 new design. Besides what you find online, we also produce many custommade orders, single-pieces or limited quantity designs. There is no need for us to mass produce.

Instead, we buy luxury fabrics in small quantities and use them to create a wide range of different designs. As a customer, you can even speak to us about your wishes, and we create the clothes for you – or you can attend our  styling events and then we assist you in choosing the designs that are perfect for you.

This is not just tailoring, and nor is it mainstream fast fashion. It is about you as a customer – what suits you, and what makes you feel special. Every woman is different, so we really feel it would be wrong to make the same clothes for all of you.

Our approach has a number of sustainability benefits.

  1. We minimize CO2 emission from transporting fabrics and accessories to cheap labor countries and sending clothes back and forth for approvals.
  2. We produce directly to the end consumer. Thereby we minimize the risk of producing clothes that people don’t actually want to buy. If it should happen the damage is reduced to just a few pieces of clothing. Therefore, the clothes we sell and produce are actually worn, and for many of our customers, they are their favorite clothes that they keep for many years. This counterfeits overproduction.
  3. We prefer fabrics made from natural fibres such as silk or wool instead of cheaper chemically manufactures alternatives. This benefits both our environment and reduces the chemical absorption from your clothes through your skin.
  4. If you feel clothes in your local store, and it dries out your fingers, then it is the chemicals in the fabric reacting with your skin. Even if you wash it before use, it can take up to 20 washes before the chemicals are completely washed out. We do not use such fabrics – we just wouldn’t do that to you nor to our environment.

You can experience our sustainable luxury clothes by visiting our flagship store in central Copenhagen, and some of our clothes are also available from our webshop.