Wholesales and Retail – High-end woman’s business wear

Thi Thao Copenhagen is happy to cooperate with wholesales and high-end retail stores

We deliver premium products and unparalled services – also for our wholesales and retail customers.

Our products are high-end – unique designs made in high-quality fabrics. And, we do our utmost to make sure our service matches our products.

Working with us is a real cooperation, and if you want, we can even make a small range that is unique to your store. Our goal is to be your most valuable business partner.

Designs that sell

We constantly develop new designs, and the next day after they leave the design table we test them in our flagship store. If you want, you can have the latest designs in your store as early as 2 weeks after they leave the design table.

If you prefer to wait a bit to be sure, that the designs you buy for your store, are top sellers, then we happily share our learnings with our retail partners. This gives you the opportunity to focus on styles that have already proven themselves as top sellers.

Either approach works for us. To us, retail cooperation is about ensuring your success.

Maja jumpsuit by Thi Thao Copenhagen

New designs all year round

We develop new designs all year round, and because we have our own production facility, we continuously produce the products that actually sell. If you want, we offer you the opportunity to produce your order continuously and even change it if your priorities change.

…but of course, if you prefer the old-fashioned way, we are also happy to take your order for the full season in one go. Like everything else we do, it is really very much a matter of ensuring the best fit for our customers.

We can even custommake our designs for your store

You know your customers the best. In some cases you might prefer one of our styles with longer sleeves or in a different color – please feel free to ask us about customisation options.

Picture from Thi Thao Copenhagen store with boucle blazers and jackets.
In the Thi Thao store you always find a wide selection of blazers and jackets.

Avoid dead-stock

We offer you 2 strategies to to avoid dead-stock.

1. You can place a small order and wait and see what they actually buy, – and continuously refill with the sizes you actually sell. We supply you continuously to refill your stock when you need it.

This strategy improves your cashflow because you do not have to pay long in advance for large stock quantities before the customers actually buy their clothes from you.

2. For orders over EUR 10.000 we offer to take back up to 30% of non-customised orders against credit on our next season items. We will sell the returned items in our own stores.

This strategy is for customers who prefer to carry enough stock to deliver quickly to the consumers.

Working with us is a cooperation about providing the consumers the products they actually demand. Our focus on producing what consumers actually demand ensures sustainability because we avoid over-production. We simply do not produce a lot of items that end up not selling.

Wholesales payment conditions

You pay 50% of the order value when the order is placed. The remaining balance must either be paid or guaranteed by your bank before we ship your products. Our payment conditions ensure that no customers end up paying overprice to cover losses on other clients.

What to do if you want to sell Thi Thao styles in your wholesales business or retail stores

If you wish to work with us, we invite you to call us or visit us. We will arrange a meeting that fits into your schedule – even if it is outside normal work hours. We look forward to speaking to you.

Retail contact: (+45) 41 57 90 82