Dressmaking process

We make gala dresses, party dresses, evening dresses, wedding dresses – always with dedication and with an eye for the individual woman and the particular event she needs the dress for. Read here about our dressmaking process.

We frequently enjoy the honor to make customised dresses for special events. We take great pride in this, and we always do our utmost to deliver dresses that make our customers shine. We humbly believe that is why our customers keep coming back to us.

To achieve a great final result, we have a simple 5-stage dressmaking process.

You can read about the process below, so that you know what to expect.

Step 1: Design phase

Dialogue is key in order for us to make the perfect dress for you.

To us it is not just about making a dress. We want the dress to give you that sensational feeling of perfection.

Therefore, the first step is dialogue about your ideas for the dress and our professional guidance about which choice of design, materials and colors that will make up your dress.

We prefer to meet physically with you for a meeting in our store, but in situations where this is not possible, we are happy to conduct an online meeting.

Gala dress example

Step 2: Body meassurements

In order to make a dress that fits you perfectly, we need your body meassurements.

We prefer to meet you physically to take your body meassurements, and therefore this is usually part of our first meeting.

For some designs where slight inaccuracy in the meassurements are acceptable, we can offer an app solution where you meassure your body in 3D with a free app downloaded to your phone in order to spare you the physical meeting.

Step 3: Getting the patterns right

We make the patterns and sew the first draft of your dress in a cheap scrap fabric.

The purpose is to see how the dress fits on your body, because even if we have your meassurements women are different, and this step secures excellent fit of the final dress.

We will need your body physically in order to do the fitting and put in pins where we need to adjust the patterns.

Fitting 1st draft

Step 4: Making the final dress

At this point we know that we have the patterns right, and it is time to sew your dress in the right fabric.

We make sure to carefully get all details right and deliver high quality craftmanship.

Step 5: Final dress delivery

We prefer that you try on your dress in our store to make 100% sure that the fit is right, and that you are happy with the final product.

We will also instruct you how to take care of your dress, and if you want, we will assist you with your choice of accessories, shoes etc.

We take a lot of pride in our products, and our goal is to make you queen of the night.