Corporate Identity Wear

We would love to help shape your image with Corporate identity wear

Dressing well improves your self-esteem and confidence, which in turn improves employee performance.

For some companies it also matters a great deal for employee satisfaction, and the pride employees take in their jobs.

We dress leading business women

Because we are so used to capturing every woman’s soul and creating the perfect look for her, we can do exactly the same for your company.

Why settle for standard t-shirts with a logo, when you can have your very own identity wear designed specifically for your company?


When you choose corporate identity wear from Thi Thao Copenhagen, we make it our goal to improve your employee satisfaction and improve your employees’ face-2-face interaction efficiency. You can expect your organisation’s increased confidence and efficiency to result in performance improvements and better customer experiences.

…we would love to help your employees look their best?

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