Corporate Identity Wear

Image building with Corporate identity wear

Some companies consider their employees part of their branding. It makes sense for employees with frequent customer contact. You can use well designed corporate identity wear to support your employees in creating the customer experiences, you prefer.

It also gives your customers a uniform impression which will help customers remember their experiences with your employees.

Thi Thao Copenhagen jumpsuit

There is not one correct solution for the best corporate identity wear. You might have color preferences, special functionality needs, or maybe just a specific impression that you want to enhance. The solution is individual to each company.

The price per garment piece is individual too – it is more expensive to make one of each than to mass produce. We will help you find the right solution for your company – regardless if you need 1 of each or 10.000 identical pieces.

Maybe you have already experienced what we can do with your individual style – imagine what we can do for your corporate image if we scale our designs to cover your whole company – call us to discuss the options.

Price for corporate identity wear

The price depends on the quantity needed – high quantity = lower price. Low quantity = Individual Tailoring price. We offer 3 different price models:

  1. If you want, we can produce in Denmark for small volumes and non-standard sizes
  2. For larger bulk productions, we recommend using our production network in cheaper production countries
  3. We can make the designs for you and let you handle the mass production. In this case we charge a small royalty fee for each produced garment

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