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We care

The clothing industry is responsible for a large part of global pollution. We would love to change that!

Our designer, Vi Ramlov Hyttel was born in Vietnam and has first hand experiences with how chemical substances used in the textile industry impact peoples lives and health. Those same chemicals are absorbed in your skin when you wear your clothes. We encourage all consumers to be aware what they wear.

Although Thi Thao is still a small company there are still things we can do to care about you and our planet.


Thi Thao is a slow-fashion brand. We make high-quality clothes that stay fashionable. It is our aim that you keep the clothes in your wardope for years thus minimizing waste.


We do not believe the best way to ensure minimal use of chemicals is to just adhere to technical specifications in environment certificates. Instead, we prioritize natural materials such as silk and wool whenever possible and we refrain from using materials that will leave large quantities of harmful substances in your skin. We always test the materials we use against our own skin, and we believe you will feel the difference when you wear our clothes.


Much of our clothes is produced in our own workshop in Denmark. You can even look in through the basement windows under our Flagship store in Hyskenstræde in the centre of Copenhagen, and you will see us working on our designs right there.

For larger quantities, we do outsource the production to larger production facilities, but we are different from many other clothing brands in the way we choose our production partners. Whereas other’s may choose to produce solely where it can be done cheapest, we refrain from that approach. We try to find a balance where our prices are reasonable, but more importantly we only work with production partners whom we trust. Partners who offer us experienced meticulous production.

We insist on quality workmanship – and the best quality is seldom delivered best by the one who offers to work cheapest.


Having local production in Denmark greatly reduces polution from transport. We even do many local deliveries and purchases by carrier bike. People often ask us for a ride…but sorry, its a cargo bucycle.

For the production we need to outsource, we produce our clothes close to the fabric supplier. Our silk styles are sewn in China in order to minimize transport, and the many styles we have that use Italian fabrics are sewn in Bulgaria.The minimizes polution from transport.



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