The Company

Thi Thao was established end of 2012 by Kasper Hyttel and Vi Hyttel. The company name is inspired by Vi’s Asian birthname. The couple shares a passion for designing exclusive feminine clothes and spent 1½ years preparing the launch on the Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2014.

We believe in using nature’s own materials rather than chemically manufactured materials. There are many steps in clothes production, but we strive to minimize the use of harmful substances and make clothes that you can wear comfortably.
The fit is extremely important to us – it is an important step in our process to secure optimal fit regardless of your individual body type.

Small quantities are produced in our own workshop in central Copenhagen and large quantities are outsourced to our production partners i Asia and Eastern Europe.

Our inspiration
We find our inspiration back in the Coco Chanel times. Thi Thao’s clothes are classical, elegant and neutral to rapid fashion changes. They are often inspired by men’s fashion but still very feminine.

The Woman
The Thi Thao woman is self-conscious and sets demands for herself and her clothes. She knows it is important what she looks like, and she uses her clothes to underline her own beauty. She signals quality, simplicity and elegance. She is often busy. She handles family, friends and career all at the same time and therefore needs a wardrobe that fits multiple purposes. She wants it all, and she WILL succeed.
She knows that it makes a difference what she looks like. That’s why she finds time to dress consciously and care for her looks. When she leaves home the world is at her feet. She is hot, confident and can master anything. She turs gazes in the streets and at work – and loves her Thi Thao clothes.