Our story starts with a 4-year old orphant boat refugee who came to Denmark, grew up with a Danish family, became a designer, started her own family and her own design company…and today she dresses a large number of Danish elite power women.

As a company we are committed to designing high-end clothing.

We strive to make clothes that will outlast fashion changes – clothes that you will care for, keep and enjoy wearing for many years.
Thi Thao Copenhagen will never be like any other brand. We pursue uniqueness, elegance and simplicity.

We use high quality fabrics and complex pattern technique because our designs require it. Design is our guide – not production costs.

Thi Thao is and will be a high-end brand. We would love all women to wear our clothes but we will never compromise our design, our quality nor our production methods just to bring prices down to mainstream level.


Profilbillede Vi - til online

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“I like to tell my customers, that you are what you wear. Any normal day you meet hundreds of people, but you only have time to interact with a few of them. People will judge you on you appearance, your clothing and the feelings you reflect. I love making beautiful clothes, style our customers and support their confidence – and I know it helps them overcome their everyday problems.
Vi Ramlov Hyttel, Designer at Thi Thao