Thi Thao Copenhagen enters 2020 with lots of press coverage

We were happy to make one of the dresses for the annual year show (“Året der gik”) on TV2 – Denmark’s largest national TV-channel.

The picture in from Søndag -a Danish weekly. The Thi Thao Copenhagen dress is the pink one.

A few days later, TV2 were broadcasting from our flagship store when they were following Ane Halsboe Jørgensen, Danish Minister of Education and Research getting ready for the annual New Year Gala at the royal palace.

Thank you to our customers for choosing us to make your dresses for your special New Year events, and thank you to the Danish media for the positive comments and for showing our work.

This is the second year in a row that we find ourselves represented on the red carpet for the annual royal New Year gala.

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