Simply better

”Simply better” is a mantra for us. It’s how we think. It is our strive for the best solution – whether it is in terms of our design, the quality of our garments, the fit on the individual customer or how our products impact the environment.

Simply better designs

Simply put it is about the focus in our design process. We often design with a specific customer in mind. The result is care and love for every design. It ensures that we stay customer centric. Our design process might also start with a quest to make the best use of a beautiful fabric. In this way, we ensure that unique fabrics are put to their very best use.

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Simply better quality

We put a lot of effort into finding the right fabrics and trimmings for our designs. We feel, smell, stretch, crinkle, steam, iron and burn fabric samples in order to ensure that our raw materials are perfect.

The raw materials are then crafted into our unique designs in our own production facility, where we have 100% control of the craftmanship.

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Simply better fit

Size is just a number used to enable mass production but in real life it is unrealistic to think that every woman can fit perfectly into a standard size. Perfect fit is about adjusting the patterns to fit the individual customer. And that is what we do every day – we make clothes that fit you.

If this is new to you, we invite you try it out and feel the difference.

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Simply better environment

Unfortunately the fashion industry has a significant environmental impact. To us, it is common sense to minimize our environmental impact.

  1. We produce only what we sell, and thus we reduce overproduction.
  2. We mainly use natural fibre fabrics such as silk and wool. These fabrics have respiratory advantages, and the need for chemicals in the fabric production is much less than cotton or artificial fabrics. We believe this is both better for your skin and for the environment as a whole.
  3. We produce our products close to the selling point. This reduces transportation needs and therefore the carbon footprint.
  4. Our whole concept invites for physical shopping which reduces the number of mail order shippings and returns. This relieves the environment from the carbon footprint from unnecessary shippings – simply because we get things right the first time.

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