Business wear

Business wear from Thi Thao Copenhagen

Business wear for women. We buy luxury high-quality fabrics from a range of the world’s best suppliers, make our own designs and add high quality craftmanship. We maintain 100% control of the production in our own production facility and only produce a few items at the time. Our aim is to make unique business wear in limited quantities that meet any powerwoman’s dream of what her clothes should do for her.

As a woman, you have endless opportunities to choose how you want to express yourself through your clothes. We are happy to guide you. For some of our customers we even help them build an entire warddrope adjusted to their personality and ambitions. For other customers it’s just about buying a business jacket that few other people will own. or a pair of pants that fit perfectly.

You can browse our webshop for inspiration, or visit our physical store to experience our full range of options.

Forget about having to fit into a copy of a man’s suit, or having to fit a standard model. You don’t have to fit in, or be standard in any way, when you buy business wear from Thi Thao – instead, we make the clothes to fit your personality and your body. If you want, you can CLICK HERE to read more about it:

Visit us to experience unlimited opportunities and expert guidance.

We help women strenghten their personal brand, and we can apply that same skill to your company. We therefore offer companies to design their very own Corporate Identity Wear – and we can even produce it for you too. Each case is different, but you are always welcome to reach out to us to learn about our Corporate Identity offerings.

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